2014 NYC Wine & Food Festival: BBQ & Blues Edition


I had the opportunity to attend one of the events hosted at the 2014 NYC Wine and Food Festival. B was too sick to go, so I was able to bring a +1 in his place. He was so bummed — we looove our BBQ food!

I always come hungry to these food events, and leave full. This day was no different.

This specific event was hosted by Thrillist, and featured guests were the cast of the Food Network show, The Kitchen. Yan is a huge Food Network fan, so I knew she would be the perfect buddy to bring along.

We were able to sample different BBQ dishes from local restaurants, and vote on the winning dish. To go along with the food, they were passing out cocktails made from Tito’s vodka in these cute plastic mason jars. Tito’s vodka is super popular around here these days, since it’s basically like a cheap vodka that goes down smooth. And they supposedly do not lead to hangovers. Where was this when we were in college?

This rice bowl dish from Mexicue was a fusion of Mexican & barbeque. One of our favorites. Yan & I could have eaten a couple more servings of this, but we figured we should save our appetites for the other food.

My favorite part of going to these kind of events, is seeing the stars of course. I’ll be honest — If it weren’t for Yan, I wouldn’t have recognized any of them! So we made sure that she got a photo op with each one of them. She was so happy 🙂

Marcela Valladolid, Geoffrey Zakarian, Sunny Anderson, and Katie Lee

From my interactions with them, my favorite two are Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro (aka the Sandwich King). They were the most down to earth ones mingling in the crowds. Sunny is so dope — she was double fisting and being her sassy self.


To show you how cool they are, they even took pictures and posted it to their social media. Can you spot us?


We left with our bellies full and mason jars filled. We took a little walk and sat by the Columbus Circle fountain to finish our drinks before we parted ways.

It’s rare that I get one on one time with this girl, but I’m so glad we have been speaking more often this past year. I can’t wait for her wedding next year!